Thursday, July 28, 2005

keeping it real... (thanks Larryboi!)


I MAY SEEM: like i don't have a care in the world...
BUT I'M: actually a worrywart. :-P
IN THE MORNING: i usually wake up at 6am to have coffee with my grandma, even if i stayed up really late at night.
I LIKE TO SLEEP: in the nude.
ONE THING I WISH IS: to have peace of mind.
ONE THING YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: money.<--- you got that right!
ONE THING YOU WANT TO BUY: right now? a MAC Powerbook laptop
ONE WORD THAT DESCRIBES YOU: psychosomaticaddictinsane


BEST FRIEND: Kathy Fermin, kindergarten
CRUSH: Christian Slater (hahahaha!)
REAL DATE: how real is this date? :-P Think mine was in high school, but i forget.
REAL KISS: OMG, i forget!!! :-P Guess it wasn't that good of a kiss..
REAL BREAK-UP: third year college. luis
PET: Buta (Pig), my kitty.
PIERCINGS/TATTOOS: aside from the mandatory ears, had a tongue pierce a couple of times and my cute ol' tattoo :-)
CREDIT CARD: credit is bad, very bad!!! :-P
TRUE LOVE: i really can't say... i think each great relationship is, at one point, a manifestation of true love.
ENEMY: dami. wag na isulat,baka mag-away pa kami... :-P
MUSICIAN YOU REMEMBER HEARING IN YOUR HOUSE: BeeGees and the Air Supply from my mom, The 3 tenors from my dad, and The Monkees from my uncle. :-) Quintessential bands of their time daw...
SEX: late bloomer ako eh :-P


CIGARETTE: a couple of hours ago, on the way back from West Covina. The night was cold, my shirt was thin and it felt good to have smoke in my lungs (haha)
MOVIE SEEN: Wedding Crashers. Good, unadulterated fun, but kinda boring somewhere inthe middle (and it was LOONNG!!!)
BEVERAGE DRANK: coffee, iced!
ALCOHOLIC DRINK: margarita, compliments of the Suncoast casino
FOOD CONSUMED: sushi, compliments of SushiMac
PHONE CALL: Justin, asking if i needed a ride home.
SHOWERED: last night (i just woke up, ok?)
SHOES WORN: my black strappy sandals
CD PLAYED: Erykah Badu's Baduizm
ITEM(S) BOUGHT: yummy chocolate brownie from 711 and an iced coffee
ANNOYANCE: People who give out mixed signals...please, doesn't this get old!?!
DISAPPOINTMENT: Having people taking great lengths to avoid issues (ignoring it doesn't make it go away...)
WANTING TO DIE: a couple of months ago. It sucks when i sink into the lowestpit of my depression..
SCOLDED: (haven't really had one of these in a long time... hehheeh)
SHIRT WORN: a black sleeveless blouse
DRUNK DEAD: abouta couple of months back --- man i wish i can be that drunk again.
WEBSITE(S) VISITED: larry's blog
WORD(S) YOU SAID: shyet.
PERSON TALKED TO ONLINE: Mary, about whatever is up :-)
STORE SHOPPED IN: Guess? at the Outlet Premium, Vegas
SONG YOU SANG: Perfect/True Faith (nasa Shuffle e)
I LOVE YOU: couple of days ago
I MISS YOU: couple of days ago
THANK YOU: my "homies" !!!
PERSON YOU WERE WITH: (people) Abs, River, Onel, Jep, Ghiel, Toti
HUG: sila Onel, pagtapos ng paghatid nila sakin
REAL KISS: i'd rather not say.
GOOD CRY: couple of weeks ago
ROMANTIC THING YOU DID: (haven't done this in a loong time din, so i'd rather not say.)


WHAT TIME DID YOU WAKE UP TODAY: 6am, tapos sleep ulit till 10ish am
ARE YOU IN LOVE: not right now. I'm confused.
ARE YOU HAPPY: i would like to think i am. in some level.
IS SOMEONE MAKING YOU HAPPY: someTHING.<-- i'll go with this!
EASILY JEALOUS: yes, but i can't help it. It's in my nature to be jealous. :-) ganyan ako eh!
PERSON YOU LOVED BUT DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT IT: everybody loves somebody, to quote a famous band :-)
PERSON YOU WORRY ABOUT: friends and loved ones --- dami noh? hehhehe
PERSON YOU WANT TO HAVE DINNER WITH: friends. haha safe answer! :-))


WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO: Europe --- France, Italy, Spain, basta dun! I wanna see it all.
CAREER: top-billed, highly paid visual artist/designer.
WHERE TO LIVE: Right now? downtown LA or NY.


MOOD: bored, sleepy and kinda disappointed how things are working out.
MUSIC: anything that quirks my interest --- im willing to try anything once!
TASTE: coffee na lang dear :-)
HAIR: black as hell, long and shiny (pang-Pantene! wahahaha)
LONGING: for a job and a permanency permit.
DESKTOP PICTURE: my cousin (it's his computer)
FAVORITE ARTIST: right now... The Shins
BOOK(S): harry potter book 4.
HATE: see ANNOYANCE answer.


LemonCloud said...

Slater.. He was the one that acted in the show "Wild Heart" or something? He is my first "love" form the Hollywood :)

I hope I remembered correctly.

wanderlust junkie said...

yep, that he is! it's Untamed Heart, actually, but yeah, he was one hot dude...

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